Who are we, and why do we exist?

Our sole mission is to provide a community and family for Active, Retired and Prior Service Veterans. Using paintball, various recreational sports and other activities to band and come together. Ensuring and providing a positive environment and the opportunity to unite with one another through sport. We are each other's keepers, and Veteran Militia is based in commardery. Military and post civilian life is challenging. Proving a network to reach out too, talk and connect is the cornerstone of why we began in 2016.

We have created conditions for Veterans from all over to compete in nearly various tournament series and events in over 25 states last year alone. Our Flagship Teams have been representing us at the highest level by not only competing in the NXL season, but also winning numerous events and being crowned World Cup champions multiple times throughout our history. By taking some of the very best players from the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Placing them under one unified one flag, we have able to win the World’s biggest events as an all Veteran Team.

Currently we are over 2600 members strong spanning across the entire United States, Korea, Japan, Europe, and have members currently deployed overseas in harm’s way answering the Nation's call and defending our Freedoms. We invite all Veterans past and present to stand with us as we continue to build our community through the sport of paintball to help deliver our message, that we are Veteran Militia, and we are Veteran Strong

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Veteran Militia 2022 World Cup, Commanders Cup