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Jennifer Seymour

Jennifer Seymour
Jennifer Seymour is an Assistant Nurse Manager in an Emergency Room in a level I trauma center and a mother to three teenagers. Seven years ago, she knew nothing about guns when she found herself in a vulnerable position with her daughter and began her journey into the firearms world, with a goal of self defense. She started competing in 3 gun in March 2014 and was instantly hooked on competitive shooting. She has shot 3-gun, USPSA, IPSC Shotgun, PRS, and more. She is a co-host and writer on a You-Tube show called The Shooter’s Mindset. They interview competitive shooters as well as business owners from the gun industry to allow members of the firearms community to interact live with key members of the shooting community live. She shot her first PRS match at the 2017 Bushnell GAP Grind as an amateur. After her first time hearing the RO call out “IMPACT!” while shooting at steel 1,000 yards away, there was no pulling her away from the sport. She has been heavily perusing her new found love of PRS ever since, even shooting the 2018 GAP grind as a pro, with an amateur of her own to coach. She works heavily to give back to the sport through The Shooters Mindset, as well as instructing at several competitive shooting classes, such as the A Girl and A Gun National Conference.

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