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Dustin Pluth

Dustin Pluth
I started shooting competitions in 2009 and the shooting bug got me from the start. Shooting everything I could, every weekend I could. Taking classes and training under some of the sports top instructors helped me get to the level I am at today. I still try to take classes or squad up with the top professionals when I can to gain any knowledge from shooting with them.

From there I went to work in the firearms industry. Working with companies both in the manufacturing side and the retail side. I also got into the instructor training and wanted to get all the certifications that I could. I am a NRA instructor, Missouri CCW instructor, USPSA Range Officer, IDPA Saftey Officer and have been a Match Director at the indoor range I work at running monthly and sanctioned matches. I have trained with LEO and military on reactive shooter engagements.

I am a administrator on many different Facebook pages as will as doing photo and video editing when I can. Always trying to do more in the firearms world sometimes catches up with be but my wife and daughter keep me grounded. I couldn’t chase my dreams without my families support and patience with all my crazy ideas and goals. I look forward to growing in the industry and pushing myself to be better in the shooting sports. Big thanks to my all of sponsors that allow me to do all the awesome things that I get to do.

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