Custom Paintball Jerseys & Team Packages

UNDR Industries is proud to offer our full and custom line of soft good products to you and your team. From custom jerseys, pants, and all the way to full team packages. UNDR wants to make you and your team stand out among the crowd.
We have some of the best and most talented artists on our team to help bring your ideas to life. Hallmarking on fast turnaround times, affordable prices, and battle tested gear. All of this with unmatched custom service and support to you our valued players and customers.


1. What is custom individual or team artwork?

Custom individual or team artwork, is the artwork that makes up the graphic designed elements of your jersey. This is all the colors, designs elements, accents, and the overall custom theme of your jersey we are being asking to create.

This is NOT your logo, the creation of a logo, or the editing of a logo.

Example of a custom designed jersey.

2. How much does custom team artwork cost?

Custom designed artwork cost is $200. This is a one time cost per custom jersey design. This DOES NOT include logo creation, logo editing. We do offer discounts for college teams, teams with military, LE, Fire, Para members.
(Rules and restrictions apply)

2A. Is there a jersey included with the artwork cost?

there is not a jersey included with the purchase of a custom artwork design. This is only for the creation of your custom design.
3. Do you offer free individual and team artwork?

Yes, we have 100's of free semi custom jersey designs you and your team can choose from. You can see them in our semi custom jersey collection.

4. What does it cost to use semi custom artwork?

Semi custom templates are free to use. This includes color edits, and logo placements. You will be charged $10 per name/number, per jersey.
(Rules and restrictions apply)

5. Will I get to see mock ups of my design?

Yes, your team will get several 2D, and a finalized 3D mock up with your paid artwork design. (3D Mock ups are created for custom jersey designs only) We do not offer mock up designs without artwork design being paid in full at the start of your order.

6. Can I use my own teams artwork for a new design?

Yes, you can. What this means is you have the AI/EPSVECTOR formatted files from another artist/design group, and want to use that on to our templates for your jersey creation. Custom submitted and prior jersey artwork transfer cost is $25-$200 USD. This is based off the level of work we have to do to get your files in a workable format for printing and design purposes. We request that all files have to be in a based VECTOR format. This is to ensure we give you the best possible artwork we can.

6A. What is a vector?

The term "vector graphics" is mainly used today in the context of two-dimensional computer graphics. It is one of several modes an artist can use to create an image on a raster

7. Does UNDR share artwork and templates?

No, we do not share our templates or artwork for outside or 3rd party uses.

7A. Can I purchase my artwork once its completed for outside or 3rd party uses?

Yes, you can buy the rights to your artwork. Inquire at the completion of the custom artwork process, to purchase the rights of that design.
(Rules and restrictions apply)

8. Can you create a custom logo for me or my team?

Yes, logo creation starts at $25 and is based on the overall design, and amount of detail the customer requests.
9. How long will it take to design my artwork?

Jersey artwork design process takes on average2-7 business days.

10. What is a business day?

A business day is 1000-1600 CST Monday through Friday, any and all federal holidays we will be closed.

11. What is the normal turnaround times on team orders?

Jersey and team packages turn around times are as follows.
These times are not guaranteed, but a standard we strive to meet.

14-21Business days for most jerseys orders.
21-30+Business days for most team orders.

Timeline is based on amount of order and quantities placed by the team.

Time line is based on master artwork approval and final invoice payment received.

12. Can I rush my team order?

In most cases no, we will not rush any order. We strive to provide excellent quality products and will not compromise quality for speed.

Please plan accordingly.


13. Can my team mix and match packages?

Yes, you and your team can mix and match packages and single add on items, packages to best suit your needs and budgets.
13A. What is the minimum for team orders?

We do not have minimums on team orders.
You can order 1-1000+ units, the process and costs are still the same.

14. Do you offer discounts for Military, LE, Fire, First Responder?

Yes, we do offer discounts on artwork portion. Team must prove active, reserve, retired service to the entities above by a valid ID card.

Contact us at with your ID card for verification and discount if applicable.

16. What size jersey should I get?

Take your favorite T-shirt and measure armpit to armpit, this is your chest width.
Next measure from the top of the highest point to the very bottom of your shirt.
This is your shirt length.
Find the numbers that are as close to the shown chart. Our jerseys are designed and cut to be form fitting and non baggy. If you want a relaxed or larger feel, we recommend to go up a size.
17. What size pants should I get?
Measure around the widest portion of your hips, this is your waist size. Measure from the midpoint of your hip, to the ball of your ankle, this is your inseam length.
Our pants are designed and cut to be form fitting and non baggy.
The pants run large in the hip and thigh areas.
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